About Us

Thoughtlabz Resource, A Thoughtlabz Consulting FZE initiative is focused primarily in International Trade of Natural Metal & Non Metal ores, Commodities & GemStones.

Headquartered out of Ajman, UAE, we are Strategically Located right across the AJMAN port, with an advantage to cover the South-East Asian, Middle East, African and European markets

  • We have a strong presence in Italy to support our European clients.

  • Our Hong Kong Office Liaisons between our South East Asia clients, primarily Mainland China Steel Mills, Trade Corporations & Strategic Buyer Partner Representative with our Production Facilities & Supply Chain Partners.

  • RAMA MINERALS is our Long Term India Ground Operations and Product Sourcing Partner for products like Iron Ore, Bauxite, Black Stone Sand {crushed}, Laterite Blocks, etc.

International Operation
International Iron Ore Order Management
  • Committed Steel Mills and International Trade Corporation Orders of up to 5 Million Tonnes for the current year

  • Long Term STOCK Contract for minimum 15 Million Tonnes of Iron Ore Fines from India direct Mines and Port Plots for the current year

Bauxite Ore Order Management
  • Long Term STOCK Contract for minimum 10 Million Tonnes of BAUXITE LUMPS from India direct Mines and Port Plots

Letter Of Credit (LC) Services – Trade Basis
  • FOB

  • CFR

Ship Chartering

Vessel Management including documentation

Financial Consulting & Trade Of Gemstones
  • Monetisation

  • Fund Generation

  • Gemstone Exchange Listing

  • Auction

Supply Of Coal To India

Indonesia 50 grade 5000Kcal/kg to 6000Kcal/kg

Supply Of Other Cargo
  • Steel/Copper – Scrap import and export and trading

  • Agriculture commodity trading

Supply Of Finished Steel

From China Steel Mills To Worldwide Supply

Domestic Operation (India)

We will partner as Co-Shippers with 100% execution of FOB/CFR contracts on a turn-key basis for:

  • Large Corporations who would like to open IRON ORE Trade division

  • Existing exporters who need alternative ports to support their existing contracts

  • Funding companies who would like to invest into the IRON ORE trade business

Material Procurement

Mine owners, raising contractor, allotment holding companies or traders.

Port Plot Organising

Allotment and Sub Lease

  • GOA - Jetty Plot, Outside Jetty plot and Storage Plot

  • VISHAKAPATANAM - Port plot and Storage Plot

  • KHANDLA - Port plot and Storage Plot

  • HALDIA - Temporary Port Plot and Outside port plot for storage

  • KRISHNAPATANAM - Port Plot and Outside port plot for storage

  • Stevedoring Vendors with License and clearances for the following ports are already identified at GOA, VISHAKAPATANAM, KHANDLA, HALDIA and KRISHNAPATANAM

Logistics And Ground Support
  • Transporting material from mine head to destination port from each of these locations GOA, VISHAKAPATANAM, KHANDLA, HALDIA and KRISHNAPATANAM. Will also be able to deploy manpower to handle the complete FOR activities.